Vitamin D and Your Immunity

Vitamin D is usually associated with bone health – which it is very important for – but did you know that vitamin D is also an essential nutrient for regulating your immune function? 

With more than 1 in 3 Australians experiencing Vitamin D deficiency, we wanted to explore the role of vitamin D in immune health and the simple ways to improve your vitamin D status for a natural immune boost. 

How does vitamin D support my immune system?

Vitamin D plays an essential role in the immune response and activation of the immune system defenses. In fact, deficiency is associated with an increased susceptibility to infection and autoimmunity. (Source: ) 

A regulator of the immune system, vitamin D repletion has also been associated with an improvement of allergy symptoms. (Source: ) 

How can I support my vitamin D status?

Vitamin D is not strictly a vitamin; it is actually a prohormone, predominantly obtained not from the diet, but made in the body in response to UVB rays from the sun. It is formed in the skin and activated in the liver. So unlike other nutrients, supporting your vitamin D status can be a little trickier than just eating more sources of that nutrient.  

Supporting your vitamin D status looks like:

  1. Getting sunshine on the largest surface areas of your skin (think: belly, chest, back and legs) (check here for a guide based on your skin tone of how long and at what time of year to get sunshine, and here for recommended sun exposure for vitamin D based on your location within Australia).
  2. Consume the foods highest in vitamin D on a regular basis:

     –  Cod liver oil 
    Fish such as salmon, tuna, sardines, mackerel and herring 
    Egg yolk 
    Beef liver

  3. “Sun” your mushrooms. Mushrooms that have been exposed to sunshine can create their own vitamin D, and wild mushrooms can have more than commercially grown types. 

  4. Support your liver health – drink plenty of water, eat lots of leafy greens, bitter herbs and spices, and healthy fats that your liver loves. 

  5. Supplement your intake with My Liposomal D+K. (Always read the label and follow the directions for use). 

What makes My Liposomal D+K different to other vitamin D supplements?

My Liposomal D+K is a synergistic blend of vitamins D and K in a liposomal format for optimal absorption.  

We chose to create this blend to ensure that the improved calcium absorption facilitated by vitamin D is complemented by the promotion of the deposition of that calcium in the bones and teeth via vitamin K.  

In liposomal form, the nutrients are housed in a structure similar to that of your cell membranes. Liposomal nutrients can better withstand digestive processes that would otherwise break it down, meaning better absorption for you. 

We take pride in offering the cleanest, highest quality health formulas, using effective ingredients that will make a real difference to your health, and My Liposomal D+K is a beautiful example of the time and care we put into making formulas we can truly get behind. 

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